AJWA Group

Dedicated to the provision of quality foods products

AJWA is a unique group of companies dedicated to the provision of quality food products including the processing and distribution of edible oils, frozen vegetables and fruits, in addition to breaded products. The factories are located in Obour city and Attaka- suez. AJWA exports to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, USA and parts of Europe.

The group is managed by a team of professional experts in different departments to manage the key areas of the businesses to ensure the continued success of the AJWA companies. The training and development department ensures that high standards are maintained and complements AJWA expenditure on its facilities.

The plants are constantly being enhanced and developed to keep up with the latest technology world wide and be able to boost its capacity to AJWA increase of volume and penetration. This dual investment policy is an on-going group strategy and key to the company's vision of corporate development.