Food Industry Innovation

AJWA Rice is a thriving multinational company with a name for innovation in the food industry.

Leading Supplier of Processed Rice in the Middle East

Founded in 1992, the company quickly outpaced its competitors to become the leading supplier of processed rice in the Middle East and is now a dominant force in the grain industry in the region as well.

The company has a demonstrable track record in innovating new products and building a loyal base.

Redefining the Rice Market in the Middle East

The sales and marketing team at AJWA Rice has developed to create a powerful force in the Kingdom and the Gulf region capable of penetrating an ever expanding number of markets. Structured sales, advertising and promotional campaigns allied to improved products, have enabled AJWA Rice to redefine and reshape the rice market in the Middle East.

Innovative Packaging, Excellent Customer Services

Adding to this, exciting new rice products which exceed both customer expectations and strict Saudi Arabian food standards, AJWA, the holding company, has innovative packaging, excellent customer services, product support plus guaranteed consistent supply.

Increase Market Share

It is little wonder that AJWA/ AJWA Rice continues to increase market share and build customer loyalty in this area.