El Orouba Factory

El-Obour Industrial City

Erected over an area of 20,000 square meters in the first industrial zone - the El- Obour industrial city the factory is consists of the following facilities:


Administrative building comprising three floors to host all the factory departments.

Production / Manufacturing

Factory building comprising two floors; the ground floor for raw materials receiving and preparation. group of belts and lift pumps uplifts the raw materials to the following floor for processing as follows:

  1. Main multi-purpose production line with the capacity of 2 ton per hour, producing okra - green peas - carrot cubes - kidney beans - strawberry - taro.
  2. Artichoke production line with the capacity of 1 ton per hour. This line was developed to process various products, such as: green peas - okra - broccoli - cauliflower.
  3. Vegetable leaves production line with the capacity of 1 ton per hour, producing molokhia and spinach.
  4. Fast freezing tunnels are supplied to all production lines for fast freezing all products in order to maintain the quality for which we are distinguished.
  5. A production line for pre fried vegetarian products. This production line was further developed to produce two types of half- fried Falafel (beans - chick-peas). The produce are exported to all the European countries and the USA. A fast freezing tunnel is supplied to this production line of half a ton per hour capacity.
  6. A new 2 ton per hour capacity molokhia production line was added. The state of the art fast freezing tunnel maintains our production capacity to meet all the molokhia orders.
  7. The factory is supplied with a 250 ton capacity refrigerator; dedicated for products circulation via the production hall.
  8. 1,500 ton capacity refrigerator for storing the final product packaged for local sale and export.
  9. We use 4,000 ton capacity external refrigerators pending the plant refrigerator completion; which is currently underway.